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How I wish to create stars on marble,
patterns on the moon,
designs on stone.

I see these all the time,
but none of them are mine.

To whom do I acknowledge,
to what piece do I smile upon?

How I wish to manifest dreams,
give birth to ideas,
share knowings.

How I dream of art.
Bad night :l Motivation-less, creative-less. Yeah...
I like the simple elegance of this composition. It expresses a common feeling that most of us have felt at one point or another when we envy the talent or knowledge of others, and the beauty that such an understanding represents. However, poetry is art within its own right. Not all things of beauty are patterns or designs inscribed on distant unreachable horizons.

I think this is where this piece is flawed. It makes the presumption that art is something that exists separate from it; that art is visual or more structurally complex than poetic or literary composition. However, art is much more dynamic than any dream can imagine.
What do you think?
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January 3, 2013
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